DECOLOR FM 50 is a high performance grouting compound for rock intended for indoor and outdoor use for joints from 4 to 50 mm in width. It is intended for grouting concrete pavements, natural stone, paving stones, clinkers etc.

The Decolor FM50 grouting compound is especially suitable for working with grouting machines.

This dry and cleaned grouting compound (due to additional Trass cement) hydraulically binds, does not allow the excretion of salt onto the surface, and is resistant to humidity, algae and mould.


  • Contains trass cement
  • Resistant to water, salt and frost
  • Simple to use
  • It is intended for grouting concrete pavements, natural stone, paving stones, clinkers, granite etc.
  • For joints from 4 to 50 mm in width
  • Resistant to algae and mould
  • 9 standard hues
  • High resistance to wear


Instructions for Work: Mix the grouting compound in a clean container with water for approx. 3 minutes or until it homogenizes (mixture ratio: 5 l water for 25 kg of grouting compound). The grouting compound is applied using a rubber float diagonally into the joints. Clean after approximately 10-40 minutes with clean water and a soft sponge. Continue cleaning the cement layer after the grouting compound dries

Shades: white, sandy, ochre, grey, chestnut, camel, brown, graphite, black

Coverage: The coverage depends on the shape of the rock, the width of the joints and their depth.

Time open: approx. 40 minutes.

Walkable: after approx. 24 hours.


Bag: 25 kg

In original packaging and in a dry space on a pallet.


Electric mixer with low rpm, mixing container, rubber trowel, sponge, bucker, grouting machine

Tools should be cleaned with water and detergent immediately after use.




Decolor FM 50

Grouting compound for natural and artificial stone.