DECOLOR TESNILNI TRAK is a sealing-insulation tape for flexible sealing of dilatation gaps. It can be used to seal contacts and joints between alike and different materials on horizontal or vertical surfaces – joints between the wall and floor, flat roofs, corners, chimneys, siphons, pools, water reservoirs. The sealing tape is used in combination with waterproof hydro-insulation coatings (e.g. Decoflex).

Decoflex sealing tape is a permanently elastic rubber tape, on polyester fabric with central expansive zone, water-proof, resistant to alkaline substances, acids and salts. It remains permanently elastic at high and low temperatures.


  • Permanently elastic
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Resistant to acids, alkali and salts
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Impermeable to water and vapour
  • Suitable for all kinds of floor surfaces (bathrooms, terraces, balconies)
  • Mechanical properties remain unchanged within the temperature range from – 30°C to + 90°C


Instructions for work: Before applying Decolor sealing tape on the joint, the surface should be cleaned and dry, free from dust and greasy stains. Bigger damages should be restored in advance. The surface should be free from uneven and sharp edges. Hydro insulation coating (Decoflex PU or Decoflex PU W) is applied on the joint first. While the coating is still wet, firmly press the grid in the whole area of the tape and let it dry. Pay attention that air bubbles are not trapped underneath. Then, the whole surface must be recoated with hydro insulation coating (Decoflex PU or Decoflex PU W) in a manner that the grid is completely covered.


Packing units:
Rolls 10 m, 50 m

Keep in dry and closed space, at temperature from + 30°C, protected from direct sunlight.


Colour: grey
Width: 120/70 mm
Thickness: 0.52 mm
Temperature resistance: – 30°C / + 90°C
Working temperature: + 5°C / + 35°C
UV resistance: min. 500 h
Resistance to water pressure: > 1.5 bar
Splitting pressure: max 3.0 bar
Longitudinal tensile strength: 63 N/15 mm
Transverse tensile strength: 36 N/15 mm
Longitudinal elongation at break: 26%
Transverse elongation at break: 123%


Hydro insulation

Decoprimer W

Water-based epoxy primer coat.

Decoflex PU W

Polyurethane fluid coating for hydro insulation.

Decoflex PU

Polyurethane fluid coating for hydro insulation.

Decolor tesnilni trak

Sealing-insulation tape for sealing joints in combination with hydro-isolation coatings.