DECOROOF is a coating for roofs or other construction materials based siloxan acrylic emulsion. It protects surfaces against the effects of the weather (prevents the absorption of humidity and thus the degradation of the surface, which serves as a condition for the growth of moss, algae, lichen etc.) and simultaneously decoratively colours it in the selected hue.

It extends the life of various construction materials (mainly roofing) by several years (12-15 years). It is suitable for the majority of roof covering types (concrete, brick, metal (the coating is not corrosive), tin, eternit panels and other types of roofing). It provides excellent UV protection, elasticity, water-repellence, good grip, air permeability etc.


  • It extends the life of roof coverings and simultaneously refreshes/colours its appearance
  • Preserves and renews the roof covering – without the expense of replacing roofing
  • Excellent UV durability – you can change the colour of your roof
  • Excellent and long-lasting water-repellence
  • Significantly reduces the growth of moss and algae
  • Increases surface firmness
  • Excellent resistance during freeze-thaw cycles
  • Does not contain solvents, is environmentally friendly
  • Enables application on a clean wet surface
  • 6 standard hues
  • Suitable for various construction materials


Instructions for Work: Decoroof is ready for use as supplied. Before use, the roof should be checked thoroughly; it must be flawless (stable, waterproof, undamaged tiles etc.; perform smaller repairs if needed) and free from impurities, algae and moss. In the majority of cases, cleaning with a high pressure water cleaner suffices; otherwise, a suitable cleaning agent can also be used. Next the coating/paint should be applied (2x applications is recommended) and the roof or surface is renewed. The optimum temperature for work is between +10°C and +20°C, relative humidity must not exceed 80%.

Coverage: 1 kg is suitable for approximately 2.5 m2 to 3 m2 for two applications. The coverage depends on the method of application and the type of roof covering.

Drying: The coating becomes dust dry to touch after approx. 1 hour. The next application should be applied after a minimum of 4 hours.


Plastic can: 5 kg and 20 kg

In a dry and closed room, at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C, protected against frost and direct exposure to the sun and in the original/closed container.


Brush, roller or “airless” spraying.

Tools should be cleaned with water and detergent immediately after use.



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