DECOWALL INTERIOR PREMIUM is wall paint based on water dispersion of polymeric binders and offers excellent surface coverage. It is used for decorative protection of more exposed interior walls and ceilings where aesthetic appearance of the painted surface is required.

Application also possible to well adhered old dispersion coats and well adhered decorative renders of all types.

The paint is characterised by extremely low content of vaporous organic substances. It doesn’t contain softening agents nor heavy metals. Decowal Interior Premium is highly water vapour permeable and resistant to wet scrubbing so therefore not overly adhered filth can be wiped from painted surfaces with a cloth soaked in a solution of universal household preparations.

For painting surfaces of normal absorption, light and not overly dirty surfaces in less demanding buildings, one-coat application is usually sufficient. Environmentally friendly.


  • Good resistance to wet scrubbing
  • Excellent coverage
  • Silky matt appearance
  • Extremely low content of vaporous organic substances
  • Easy to apply and available in a wide range of colour shades
  • Highly water vapour permeable


Instructions for work: Decowall Interior Premium is, in delivered form, ready for use.

Surface should be solid, dry, and clean with no badly adhered particles, dust, oil stains, or other filth. From already painted surfaces, remove all paint coats and precoats containing oil paints, lacquers and enamels which get easily and quickly off with cloth soaked in water with usual household cleaners. Surfaces infected with wall mould must be disinfected prior to painting. Only stir the paint well before use and, if necessary, dilute it with water (maximum 10 %) in accordance with consistency corresponding to application technique and conditions. Paint coverage decreases with dilution!

Paint is applied in two coats, 4 to 6 hours apart (T = + 20ºC, relative air humidity = 65 %). An individual wall surface is painted without interruptions from one end to the other. Always treat first the surfaces inaccessible to a standard long-bristle paint roller or to spraying gun (corners, gutters, narrow reveal surfaces, and similar) first using suitable brushes or smaller paint rollers adjusted to existing conditions. Painting is possible only in suitable weather or microclimate conditions: temperature of the air and the wall surface should not be lower than + 5ºC and not higher than + 35ºC and relative air humidity should not be higher than 80 %.

Shades: Base A (white), Base C (transparent).

Consumption: 125-190 ml/m2 for a two-coat application (depends much of the surface conditions).


Packaging units:
Metal packaging: 2,7 l, 9 l

In original and closed can at temperature from + 5°C to + 25°C, protected from the direct sunlight and frost, out of reach of children.


Long-bristle fur or textile paint roller (length of hairs or threads is 18 to 20 mm); also the following can be used: natural and artificial fur or textile linings made of different synthetic threads – polyamid, dralon, vestan, nylon, perlon, or polyester), painting brush suitable for application of dispersion wall paints or by spraying. Use a bucket grid when applying the paint with a roller.

Immediately after use thoroughly clean the tools with water.


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