Chapter ”Presentations” is intended for presentation of our products in practice. With this we want to give our partners better and easier way to get to know our product and at the same time also to learn how the product works and for what is intended for.

We are introducing the reconstruction of the roof tiles on the aged (apprx. 35 years) woodshed which is covered with a concrete roof tiles (aged appx. 80 years). Condition of roof tiles was really bad as it was, in some parts, several years covered with up to 5 cm thick moss.

Renewal of roofings took, due to the very poor state of roof tiles, 8 hours from which 5 hours for cleaning. The cost of coating for 100 m2 of surface of roof tiles was about 150,00 EUR.

Condition of the woodshed roof tiles before renewal.

Roof tiles were covered with up to 5 cm high moss.

Adequate protection of the surrounding area.

Initiating cleaning. There are more ways of cleaning process; we decided to clean with water/high pressure cleaner.

It is very important that the roof tiles are well cleaned.

Check and, in necessary, replace cracked and/or broken tiles.

When the roof is clean and dry begin with application of coating.

The coating is applied as evenly as possible.

When the first layer is dried we recommend a second application/layer.

The result of the reconstruction is extremely good. Differences between renovated and new roofing tiles are practically nonexistent.

DECOROOF – coating for the protection/renewal and colour enrichment of roof coverings or other construction materials