DECOPLAST BINDER is a multifunctional latex aqueous dispersion which is used as an additive in the preparation of different types of cement mixtures (mortars, concretes, screeds, self-leveling weight, waterproof mortar, mortar angular contact, high load-bearing cement plasters (inside and outside use) …), to improve their characteristics. For preparation of mortar and concrete which needs to be resistant to chemicals and petroleum products. As additive it also improves elasticity and abrasion resistance.


  • Increases elasticity
  • Improves resistance to chemicals and petroleum products
  • Improves the water-tightness
  • It improves adhesion to the surface (valid for the majority of building materials)
  • Improves water resistance even in continuous contact with water (swimming pools, showers, bathrooms)
  • Increases resistance to abrasion
  • Increases flexural strength
  • Increases ductility and elasticity
  • Increases resistance to temperature fluctuations (freezing – thawing)


Instructions for Work: Decoplast binder is used as an additive for the production of cement mixtures (mortar, concrete, screed) which aims to improve the resistance to chemicals and petroleum products, to improve adhesion and better elasticity, it can also be diluted with water and addition of Portland cement and used as a primer for enhanced grip during renovation of cement floors, before application of cementitious adhesive for tiles, during application between old and new concrete …

Preparation of the surface (concrete surface): The surface must be solid, clean, free of dust, oil – oil stains, other surface treatment (paints, varnishes, impregnations …), cement crust, possible moss, lichen, mold, etc … From the surface we must remove all bad adhered parts (in the case of peeling). Before applying Decoplast Binder we must thoroughly moisten the surface with clean water but on the surface there must not remain standing water.

Mixing: Mixing ratio with water depends of the nature and of the purpose / usage / means in which it is added.

  • Primer for improving the adhesion, resistance and elasticity: 1 kg Decoplast binder, 0.5 kg of water and 2.5 to 3 kg of cement
  • Mortar / Self-leveling screed: 1 kg Decoplast binder, approx. 6 kg of water, 6.5 kg of cement and 17 kg of sand
  • Floating screed: 1 kg Decoplast binder, approx. 2 kg of water, 7 kg of cement and 18 kg of sand
  • Joint Grouts: Decoplast binder 1 : water 1; in places where there are high demands on waterproof sealent, chemical and mechanical resistance the product must be diluted with water in a ratio Decoplast binder 2 : water 1.

Drying: Drying time depends on weather conditions. Areas exposed to direct sunlight or wind must be mandatory moistened with water or covered with a suitable foil that due, to rapid drying, prevents deformation of the surface – cracking.

Color: Colourless – milky liquid

Density: 1 g / cm3

Consumption: Consumption depends the nature – the purpose of use or the means in which it is added and the mixing ratio.


Plastic jerricans 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg

In a dry and closed room, at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C, protected against frost and direct exposure to the sun and in the original/closed container.




Decoplast Binder

Multi-functional synthetic latex (polymer) – additive to cement mixtures.